brazilian cherry flooring scratches

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Attractive Design

By / September 23, 2015

Brazilian cherry flooring has been used and installed in so many houses, from 2000 to 2005. Until now, it numbers is quickly increasing as this type of flooring has come to make and signify all the things that was made to be grandiose, over-the-top, and swanky. Usually come with the color of blazing deep red,… Read more

travertine flooring best price

Travertine Floor Types

By / September 23, 2015

Travertine floors is really good. It is different than any other type of floor as it offer you more advantages than any types of floor. Hey, it will make you proud to have it at home, really. Because of the bedding planes is a bit inherent in almost every travertine, it is highly possible to… Read more

playground flooring san diego

Playground Flooring: Surface Area

By / September 22, 2015

Playground flooring is a bit unusual topic, but it is really important to know about it. Why is that? Because, you have to know about its condition to make sure that the playground flooring will done very well especially for children. In hopes, it will also ensure the safety of the playground when your child… Read more

hand scraped hardwood flooring home depot

Hand scraped hardwood Flooring: A Bit Information

By / September 22, 2015

Hand scraped hardwood flooring is really good. As its names, it is man-made hardwood flooring. Just think about it, the cherished activity with the companionship of time-honored tradition on a handcrafting activity is done and joined to make this type of hardwood flooring. With the additional benefits of contemporary and modern engineering and cool refinishing,… Read more

porcelain tile flooring gallery

Porcelain Tile Flooring for Bathroom

By / September 21, 2015

You know, Porcelain tile flooring is used because of its magnificence. Let’s see, porcelain is actually more porous, denser, and harder option which will offers you a greater stain and has a good water resistance, if you compare it with ceramic tile flooring. Plus, if you must know, this type of tile flooring is suitable… Read more

wide plank wood flooring canada

Choosing Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

By / September 21, 2015

You know, Wide plank hardwood flooring is actually common to be described to be a hardwood floor with board which usually come with a width in about five inches or sometimes more. Of course, there is still Armstrong which will forms each of the  board of the plank flooring to be something which is really… Read more

hydronic radiant floor heating manifold

System with Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

By / September 20, 2015

Sometimes, there is a time when you have to select the type of floor heating that you want. Hey, they are too many choices of them, actually, so you have to choose carefully. In this case, when you select your choice in a hydronic radiant floor heating system, then you have to know what about… Read more

arc floor lamp bronze uk

Magnificent Arch Floor Lamp

By / September 20, 2015

Let’s know more about this arch floor lamp because it is desired light many people. Overall, this is the product dimension of it. Its height is about 92 ½ “ (approximately 235 cm), with shade diameter in about 28 “ (approximately 70 cm),  and a cord length which go along 7 ‘ 2 “(approximately 218… Read more

hickory hardwood flooring cost

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Vinyl Sheets For Kitchen

By / September 19, 2015

Kitchen is a room full of activities that do not normally take place in another room such as cooking, storing food and others. Hickory hardwood flooring vinyl sheets is the best material for kitchen floors. This is because have more durability than ordinary materials, easy to clean, and is not easily damaged or stained by… Read more

acacia wood flooring uk

Warm and Elegant Look with Acacia Wood Flooring

By / September 19, 2015

You can make an attractive floor to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the house. Currently the material used as the floor is very diverse, and today acacia wood flooring is become popular now. The wooden floor has several advantages than compared to other floors materials. The floor is an important part of a… Read more

garage floor coatings calgary

How To Choose Good Garage Floor Coatings

By / September 18, 2015

Garage is a place to keep your cars to protect them from the sun, rain or dew at night. When you build a garage, there are several aspects that must be considered. One aspect is the garage floor coatings that will be fitted to your vehicle garage. If you build a house with a minimalist… Read more

floor vent covers decorative

How To Choose Floor Vent Covers

By / September 18, 2015

Floor vent covers is very important thing. Based on that name, the function is covering and protecting the vent from trash, or another stranger thing that can make the vent get stuck. There are two types of vent covers. First is indoor vent covers and second is outdoor vent covers. You should have to make… Read more

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